maree fenech

Meet Maree – she’ll bowl you over!

In Episode 2 of our ‘Inspiring Insights’ series, we asked Maree Fenech about her story and experiences playing in the vision impaired lawn bowls state and national team. Maree enlightened us on what motivates her each day and her great achievements in the sport to date.  Well done Maree.



I am 71 years of age and I lost my vision in stages between 1993 and 2000, due to multiple bi-lateral retina detachments.

Which sport you play and why?

I play lawn bowls, which I commenced a few years prior to losing my sight.  I enjoy the gentle exercise, friendly social connections too.

I compete weekly in Bowls Victoria Metropolitan bowls competitions, I also play social bowls weekly with vision impaired and sighted bowlers.

Experiences you have had through Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria and how our programs have helped you? 

I have competed locally, nationally and internationally as a blind bowler, with financial support and encouragement from Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria and Blind Bowls Victoria.

Your aspirations? 

I would like to continue to play Metropolitan pennant bowls with my local bowling club and continue playing as a member of Blind Bowls Victoria throughout the pennant season.

What is important to you? 

To keep playing well enough and improve to a level where I am comfortable to apply for a position on the Victorian team to compete in yearly National blind bowls competitions and to continue to maintain fitness and bowl well enough to maintain my position playing in Metropolitan pennant games; to encourage other vision impaired and blind people to try lawn bowls for the reasons I have gained from the sport.

What motivates you?

“The need to have a purpose in life and the competitive spirit I have and to socialise with other people with varying levels of sight.”

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