Blind Soccer

What is Blind Soccer?


Blind Soccer, or Blind Football as it is known internationally, is an internationally recognised sport played at the Paralympics. It is played outdoors by vision impaired athletes on a 42m x 22m pitch with side kickboards. There are two teams of five; four outfield players and a goalkeeper.

Blind Sports Victoria will run a league for blind football with the support of Football Federation Victoria in October this year.

The Victorian B-League will be the first of its kind in Australia and offer two competitions for blind and vision impaired footballers.

Check out this video: Blind Football B-League – an Australian first!

It is an exciting game, here is a link to highlights from the London 2012 paralympics:

And, David Beckham giving it a try.

Similar to goalball, blind football is played with an audible ball which makes a rattling noise to allow players to locate it by sound. The outfield players wear eye-shades to equal their sight, but the goalkeeper can be fully or partially sighted.

Where can I play?

The sport of blind football is very much in its infancy in Melbourne and in Australia. Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria is working with Football Federation Victoria to build the capacity of its member clubs to provide opportunities for people with a vision impairment of all ages to participate in football.

Blind and Vision Impaired AIA Vitality MiniRoos

Blind Sports Victoria, in partnership with Football Federation Victoria, is excited to announce that the Blind and Vision Impaired AIA Vitality MiniRoos is back for 2015 and it will be expanded across metropolitan Melbourne to provide more opportunities for children who are blind or vision impaired to play football (soccer). The focus of these sessions is for children is develop a love of playing football by playing small sided games and modified skill development activities, run by local clubs and supported by Blind Sports Victoria volunteers.

Sessions will commence at each club on Saturday 1st August 2015 from 10.30-11.30am, running for six weeks. A gala day will take place on Saturday 5th September 2015 bringing all clubs together.

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 clubs are Barnestoneworth United Juniors (based in Williamstown), Collingwood City (based in Richmond) and Preston Lions Football Clubs (based in Reservoir).

See this flyer for further details. For enquiries and registering, email or fill in the following form: AIA Vitality MiniRoos Registration Form

Come along, have some fun, and play blind and vision impaired football.

Medibank Community Fund


Welcome to the Victorian B League - Come and be part of an Australian first

Blind Football (soccer) is played outdoors by blind and vision impaired athletes on a futsal-sized pitch with side kickboards. Sighted people can also participate as outfield players by wearing eye-shades and the goalkeeper is sighted. There are two teams of five; four outfield players and a goalkeeper. It is played with an audible ball which makes a rattling noise to allow players to locate it. We have a pictorial flyer you can view to read more about the program.

Why play?

  • Enhances communication skills
  • Improves orientation and mobility
  • Heightens spatial awareness and echo location

The Victorian B-League will be the first blind football league in Australia. There will be two competitions within the Victorian B-League. The first will be the B1 League, which will be played to the above mentioned international rules, with all outfield players wearing an eye mask. The second will be the B2/B3 League, played by people with varying degrees of vision loss. Sighted people are able to participate in both divisions.  All equipment will be provided including eye masks, head guards, playing shirts etc.

Training sessions

Training sessions will take place on Sunday 20 and 27 September and Sunday 11 October 2015 from 1.30-3.30pm at Docklands multi-purpose sports field, Harbour Esplanade, between Collins and Bourke Sts, Docklands.

Victorian B-League dates

The Victorian B-League will commence on Sunday 18 October, with finals on Sunday 6 December 2015.  Games will take place at Docklands multi-purpose sports field between 1.30-5pm each week. No games on Sunday 1 November 2015.

Who can play?

Everyone! Males and females aged 16 and up who are blind, partially sighted and sighted can play in the Victorian B-League. The cost to register is $30 per person.

How do I sign up?

Fill in the attached registration form or for further information contact Susan at Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria on 03 9822 8876.


If your club is interested in providing a Vision Impaired MiniRoos program in 2015 or you are interested in supporting, or providing a team to compete in, the inaugural Victorian B League in 2015, contact Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria Senior Project Manager, Murray Turner at