Cricket for the Vision Impaired

Open to all ages


The game of cricket is a version of the game which has been adapted so that it can be played by blind & partially sighted players. The pitch is made of concrete & measures the same length & width as used in sighted cricket.

The current ball used is made of white plastic with metal washers inside to give the ball an audible sound when bowled or thrown. All bowling is underarm.

A team consists of 12 players of which 4 are totally blind & 8 are partially sighted.

The rules have been modified to allow full participation by all players in the game.

When Is the Activity Held?

Season commences first Saturday in October & end last Saturday in February (followed by the Grand Final on the first Week end in March).

  1. Player development/come & try sessions – Saturday mornings from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
  2. Games – Saturday afternoons from 12.45 to around 5.45


Rear of 454 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong.

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Mr Nick Pepper (Secretary)