Swish – Table Tennis for Blind and Vision Impaired

Swish is a fast, invigorating game, and was developed by blind people in Australia and has been played here for many years. It is played on both a recreational and competitive level; and allows blind, vision impaired and sighted people to compete on almost equal terms.

Swish is like table tennis, but instead of hitting a ball over a net, the ball is hit under a net and must travel along the surface of the table. The net is at a height that so that those players with various degrees of sight do not have an advantage over blind players. The ball has bells in it to make it audible and it is about the size of a tennis ball and made of plastic with holes in it; and the bat is rectangular with a handle.

Swish is either played as a doubles or singles competition. The game can be played from one game to the best of five, and the first to eleven or the advantage of 2 after eleven.

Swish can be played as a singles (two players) or doubles (four players); nor does it matter what age you are, or how good you are it’s a great activity for kids as well as adults.


Kooyong – every Thursday evening and most Saturday afternoons – 454 Glenferrie Road Kooyong.

Bendigo – every second Thursday – Vision Australia premises

Dandenong – every Monday afternoons – Dandenong Table Tennis in the Oasis Centre, Heatherton Road Dandenong

Mildura – Monday afternoon – Vision Australia premises

Mornington – 1st Saturday of each month – Civic Reserve Recreation Centre

Shepparton – Monday morning – Vision Australia premises

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Robyn – 0417 159 106