Yvonne and Jen

Volunteer in Vogue

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time!

By Yvonne Newton – BSRV Volunteer
As my daughters have been involved with BSRV as volunteers for a few years, I decided to become a volunteer myself after seeing how much they enjoyed the many and varied programs offered by BSRV.

My daughter told me about a program in Melton called Walking with Willpower. It took me a while to contact BSRV as my busy life included bringing up 5 children which didn’t leave much free time.

As my family became more independent, I had some available time so contacted BSRV about the Walking with Willpower program.  I felt this would be a great challenge for me to learn something new and hopefully help someone along the way.
So here I am today – I have been volunteering for 8 months now with a lovely lady named Jen.

With Jen’s ever increasing confidence, we have walked around many of the parks in the area and I have learnt so much history about Melton.  Jen is very keen to learn and explore about all the places we visit so I have to ensure I have done my homework beforehand so I can answer all her questions.

We now take her next door neighbour with us and her little dog when we go on walks. It makes Jen feels good in helping her neighbour also get out of the unit once a week.

From our first few walks with Jen being extremely apprehensive to walk out the front gate, we now go shopping and walking with other people and dogs, we have both come a long way.   Jen now feels great because she can get out and about and is able to help her neighbours as well.  I thoroughly enjoy the time spent with Jen and her neighbour and look forward to many, many more walks.

My next step is to get Jen to feel comfortable enough to come along with me on an outing organised by BSRV.  I love volunteering for BSRV and meeting and learning new skills with such beautiful adapting people.

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