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Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits!

By Peter Tomazic – BSRV Volunteer
In September 2017 I started volunteering with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria. I was fortunate to be paired up with a young lady named Adua to ride a tandem bike. Adua is an extraordinary person that hasn’t let her disability hold her back, she is a real inspiration. Adua has ridden for a number of years and needed a training partner to help her prepare for her 130km Around the Bay ride in October 2017. She completed the ride with a friend that travelled down from Darwin.

Adua and I try to ride at least every second weekend. We are currently training for the “MS ride”, a 50km trail that will have us ride, (but I think push), the bike over the Westgate bridge!!

We try to mix up our rides, visiting places such as Williamstown, City or Kew. On most occasions we manage to fit in a café stop, our justification, “we need the energy to get us home”!

There is always lots of talking that goes on while we are riding. I now consider Adua a friend, not a person that I volunteer for. At Christmas, we went out for a pre-Christmas dinner with Adua’s husband, my daughter and I almost forgot, Adua’s guide dog Zabrina.

I would thoroughly encourage anyone that is active to consider becoming a volunteer with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria. It’s very rewarding and who knows, you may even make a new friend as I have.

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